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When I think about this blog, I think about connecting the dots. That’s what I want this little online space to represent. A place where we can connect the dots between everyday things and meaning and significance we may have otherwise missed. A place to connect the dots between people like us and people far different from us.

Put simply, I want this blog to connect us to something bigger, and to each other.

Ultimately, that’s what a dot-to-dot does. It connects seemingly random points into a solidified whole. It connects seemingly contradictory placements into unified similarities. It makes a beautiful picture out of what appears purposeless.

That’s the goal. It’s still yet to be determined whether I hit the mark. Stick around, read awhile, and you be the judge.


About Me

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia just outside Washington DC. While Washington is a city I love to visit, now, when I graduated high school, I knew putting some distance between me and it was a good thing. So after high school I moved an hour north of Pittsburgh where I attended Grove City College and majored in Christian Thought and a got a Christian Ministry auxiliary. As graduation approached I started to worry—along with my parents who had been concerned since the day I declared my major—about how either of these would do me any good in the real world; something that would have been helpful to consider prior to second semester senior year.

Following graduation I worked for a year at a children’s home in Tennessee for at-risk kids and then moved to Wyoming to work at a guest ranch in Jackson Hole for six months. I cleaned cabins and washed dishes, and “thought Christian thoughts” but wasn’t sure what would come next until I unexpectedly landed an interview and then a job in the Children’s Ministry of North Point Community Church just outside Atlanta, Georgia. I worked there for two years, before transitioning into student ministry at DASH Student Ministry and then finally to the ReThink Group in 2008. Since then I have worked as a writer and editor for the student curriculum and been a contributing writer to the Orange Parents blog since 2012. Big sigh of relief for my parents and me. Christian Thought for the win.


My husband, Rodney, and I live in Roswell, Georgia with our two boys Asher and Pace.

My two great loves are my family and the Church and this blog is written with both in mind.

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