With the news of COVID-19 spreading and multiple church school and church closures for the foreseeable future, I know a lot of families are wondering two things:

  1. What will we do with all this time? 
  2. Without attending church, what can we hope to do with our kids to continue to prioritize their spiritual growth?

I can’t pretend to have many answers, but I wanted to offer something that may help with both questions. So, below, you will see a pdf of a children’s devo I wrote a few years back for Lent. The official season of Lent kicked off a couple of weeks ago with Ash Wednesday, so there are more days included in the devo than there are days to Easter at this point. But that just means, you can pick and choose to do the ones you would like to read with your kids!

My hope in making this available for families with kids in the elementary age rage is for families to find three to five minutes a day to read together, to connect, to be intentional about preparing for Easter, even amid regular life disruptions. 

Finally, this project was not done alone! In fact, the best part of this devo, in my opinion, the cover art a friend designed JUST FOR THIS! William Warren, founder and CEO of The Sketch Effect lent his incredible talent to making this devo look amazing.

While stuck at home, I hope you and your family find moments of connection and peace and are pleasantly surprised by what this season could end up meaning.

Lent Children’s Devo