Author: Sarah B Anderson

Church: Why I Left and Why I Came Back

My husband has been a pastor for as long as I’ve known him and ever since I graduated college, I’ve been involved in some sort of full time ministry. It’s our job to do religion well. Literally. We are professionals at this. Which is why I don’t often tell people there was a period in our married lives, for about six months, when I didn’t go to church. (It doesn’t look good for a pastor’s wife to take issue with religious culture that puts money in her family’s bank account every two weeks.) That being said, it didn’t stop...

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Why Crossing the Street Matters: Lessons from a Nobel Prize Winner

Two years ago Rodney and I were in Rome, Italy where we took a quiet tour of the catacombs, an underground burial place that primarily housed the bodies of early Christians, some 500,000 bodies to be exact. The tour guide took us five stories below ground where the air was noticeably cooler, flash photography forbidden, and the sheer number of hollowed spaces where bodies had been laid to rest, overwhelming. “You may notice how many smaller tombs there are.” The tour guide suggested to the hushed group. “These were the tombs of children, and babies. It’s a disproportionate number,”...

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Why “The Statement of Social Justice and the Gospel” is at Odds with the Gospel

It was almost a year ago exactly when The Nashville Statement, a declaration coming from the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, was released. When it was made public, there was no shortage of people who wrote about it. Me included. For many, it was problematic in the theology it espoused, the tone it took, the judgments it made on those who not only lived a certain lifestyle, but those who were okay with others living a certain lifestyle. The council saw themselves as the self-appointed gatekeepers to evangelicalism. Needless to say, it caused a stir. Now, just over...

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The One Saving Grace in the Bill Hybels Scandal

On Sunday night, after an article in the New York Times detailing another women’s story of abuse and mistreatment and sexual misconduct from Bill Hybels came out, I couldn’t sleep. It was for all the reasons you might expect, but also because I had been noticing a trend, and when sleep wasn’t coming I spent a good long time thinking it through. There are a lot of people I admire and respect who have been noticeably silent on the situation. People who are no strangers to speaking out on issues of abuse in the church, people who are vocal...

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What I’m [Still] Learning From Balancing Home and Work

There was this picture that showed up on my Facebook timeline a few days ago that nearly knocked the breath out of me. It was eight years old and it was of a chubby cheeked 7 month old boy complete with arm rolls, wet lips and a gummy smile. Eight years ago.  Everyone always says, “It goes by so fast!” But honestly, that wasn’t exactly what got to me. It was looking at that picture and remembering what that season had brought in anxieties and worries and new stresses and more complications, and how, the most shocking thing of...

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Hi! I’m Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, wife to Rodney, mom to Asher and Pace, and writer—although I’m still trying to figure out how to do all three of those things. Sometimes I like books more than people, and all of the time I like French fries more than salad. I live in Georgia but I dream of the mountains.
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