Author: Sarah B Anderson

Parenting Is Powerful

“I’m just texting to say ‘I quit’.” This was the message I sent my husband a couple of weeks ago when I was home with the boys, ready to lose my mind. He called me a few minutes later, a smile in his voice, to find out what exactly I was quitting. “Oh, I don’t know,” I whined. “Everything. Motherhood.”… Read the rest of this post at...

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Every Mother is a Woman of Valor

“Thank you for making this dinner! But I think I like Dad’s spaghetti better.” It was so close to being a compliment. And given what I know about my cooking ability, I’ll take it. My five-year-old was right. I put forth a good effort, but his dad is the better cook. Mothering can feel like this at times. Like you are just close enough to getting it, only to feel like you just aren’t making the cut. Not by a long shot…. Read the rest of this post at...

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What You Expect To See In Your Kids

Remember that internet craziness a few weeks back over the color of a dress? If you missed it, the world was taking sides over whether the picture of a dress circulating the web was white and gold or blue and black. It sounds silly now. But at the time it was splitting families down the middle. At least my family. It was a mind trick—obviously the dress was white and gold. But then my husband took one glance at it, and without me saying a word, declared just as authoritatively, that the dress was blue and black. It was...

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Embracing What’s To Come

I remember being told from day one of parenting, that the years would go by fast. That I should be “numbering my days.” And like all mothers, I accepted the nostalgic platitude, and then went about worrying how I would make it through the next 24 hours—the immediacy of the uncharted days before me feeling more pressing than the far off “some day” when my kids would be independent and self-sufficient…. Read the rest of this post at...

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Just two days into the New Year we got the difficult news that my 91-year-old grandmother had passed away. In the days that followed we did what everyone does in the grieving process. We remembered. We told a lot of stories. We recalled conversations and pivotal moments that stood out to us as we recalled the matriarch of the family…. Read the rest of this post at...

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Hi! I’m Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, wife to Rodney, mom to Asher and Pace, and writer—although I’m still trying to figure out how to do all three of those things. Sometimes I like books more than people, and all of the time I like French fries more than salad. I live in Georgia but I dream of the mountains.
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