Author: Sarah B Anderson

It’s Tough Raising Little Humans

“It’s tough raising little humans.” This is what my husband and I tell each other on a fairly regular basis. Granted, we haven’t had experiences raising any other kind of species, but in our limited experience, humans seem particularly challenging. Because it’s the actual raising of kids that shows just how much normal social behavior is learned and taught and not simply inherited…. Read the rest of this post at...

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Connecting with Your Kids: The Secret Sauce

In Georgia, we’re approaching the 100th day of school. This being the first year where we have a child in school, this is a big milestone. Not necessarily for our kindergartener, but for us, his parents. School, as turns out, is no joke. I am still waiting on my body to figure out how to be a morning person. Wake up time aside, the adjustment to having a child in school is a big one. We’ve entered a realm of parenting that has taken, well, 100 days to get used to… Read the rest of this post at...

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The Reality of Christmas

The older I get, the more sentimental I become. Especially at Christmas. Three chords into “O Holy Night” and you’ll find me tearing up and sniffling like a fool. I can’t help it. Something about Christmas just does that to me. Specific lines from my favorite Christmas songs get stuck in my throat and grab hold of me. What makes these songs effective each Christmas season is their ability to call to mind the wonder and marvel of the moment when the God of eternity stepped into time. And that is why I love Christmas so much. Because this...

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How to Make Good Memories Without Grumpy Side Effects

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’re on the cusp of all things holiday and fun. The festivals. The fairs. The pumpkin patches. And the promise for more parties and holiday spectaculars just around the corner. It’s the kick off to a magical—if not insane—season, made all the more magical—and insane—with kids. Not more than a few weeks ago, I was reminded of how magical/insane this time of year is…. Read the rest of this post at...

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Making Peace With Your Kids

Have your kids ever hurt your feelings? I don’t mean their critique of your clothes, cooking, or stupid jokes. I mean the thing they say that just cuts to the quick. A couple of weeks ago, one of my boys said something and it hurt so much, it felt like the wind was knocked out of me. He’s young enough where I don’t think the words were said with the intention to hurt, and he was oblivious to how hurtful his words were. But I am not naïve. I know a day will come when my boys will know...

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Hi! I’m Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, wife to Rodney, mom to Asher and Pace, and writer—although I’m still trying to figure out how to do all three of those things. Sometimes I like books more than people, and all of the time I like French fries more than salad. I live in Georgia but I dream of the mountains.
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